“…[Agnes] helped me realize my career transition from the financial services into the sustainability field!…personal essays are the most challenging (and intimidating) piece of the application puzzle. I was amazed how quickly Agnes grasped my career aspirations and formulated a strong vision for a niche field and provided pertinent feedback to strengthen my candidacy…I can’t thank Agnes enough for her valuable, constructive critique and her supportive attitude. As a result, I was admitted in Fall 2011 into a top 20 out of the 100 “Green MBA” program!”

-Bonita Y., Corporate Social Responsibility


TIlia has been an outstanding advisor for my b-school applications. Her commitment to my success was unparalleled. She provided constant support since the very beginning of my application process until the very end. And yes, I am talking about constant availability even up to 3 hours before the deadline. She also gave a very quick turn around and reliable input. Her honest and open feedback on my credentials drastically improved my essay’s quality. In regards to Stanford GSB, Tilia has a deep understanding of the qualities that Stanford GSB looks for. Beyond this, Tilia has connected me with students and alum from schools that I applied to so I could have more perspective and advice from broader pool of people. I would recommend Tilia as an adviser to anyone applying for b-school, especially to the GSB.”
– Gita P., Consulting


“I really appreciate Agnes and Lucent…[for guiding] me to further develop my thoughts and communicate them in a concise fashion. Given the specialized field I wanted to get into, she needed a good understanding of what the school wants in order to help me market myself effectively. Thanks to her, I was accepted into the school of my choice. I would recommend her service to anyone!”
– Ken H., Electronics Components Industry


“Having Tilia advising me on my MBA application from initial school selection/strategy to execution on essays has been amazing all along. She’s a wonderful coach and she herself came through a top US business school. With her guidance, not only was I learning more about myself through writing my essays, I have also built more confidence of my own potential and I am very grateful for that. The end result: I was admitted into a top 5 US business school for a full time MBA program!”-JM, MBA student


“I was recently in a situation where I had to start revamping my resume (quite possibly on my top 10 list of “things I dislike to do”). It was also difficult because I’m looking to transition in my career. I turned to Lucent to help me get things in order. Agnes is thorough, professional, and provided some great advice for my resume! She has a great eye for detail. I was also fortunate enough to have Tilia take a look at my resume as well, and my overall resume more focused and well written. She’s a pro! It’s definitely not easy trying to convey your strengths in a brand new field, and they did it easily and flawlessly. I’ve already gotten some hints of interest too thanks to my resume refresh, and I credit Lucent for their help. Highly recommend them, and they are also great at cover letters, too!”

-Shay F., Marketing


“Agnes is my go-to person when I need a review on an essay, cover letter or resume…She not only corrects the technical errors, but also gives feedback on how to better present my ideas in a fluid manner. She’s given me much advice on what to highlight, how to highlight them, and how to personalize each essay, resume or cover letter for its intended reader.  Her constructive criticism always results in a stronger end product.  She has been an invaluable adviser to me.  I definitely don’t think I would’ve experienced as many successes in my college career and job search endeavors without her.”
– Thy L., Accounting


Agnes was an incredibly great resource to have during my college application process, and continues to be equally helpful as I further develop in my career.  She not only provided insightful criticism on my college essays, but was also very strategic and thoughtful when critiquing my resume.  She has proved to be very dependable and consistently offers reliable advice.  She’s done a fantastic job of making the entire process less stressful and has helped me market my experience more successfully.”
– Jennifer C., Digital Media


Tilia and Agnes provided students at San Jose State University with a better perspective of what opportunities are available and a more in-depth understanding of the application process.  In addition, they helped review and critique resumes for students, giving them a more competitive edge in the application process.  As an undergraduate student, I would strongly encourage other students considering graduate school to consult with Tilia and Agnes. They have been an outstanding resource in better understanding graduate school alternatives and opportunities.”
– Andrew E., American Society of Civil Engineers President, SJSU